Student’s question: Does IELTS assess technical vocabulary?

Do I need to know technical vocabulary for IELTS exam?

This is a common question by many students as many of the reading passages come from scientific journal or magazine. So, students often get nervous when they come across these unknown words. They ask whether they need to learn these words or not. They feel annoyed or sometimes they get stuck in finding the meaning of a technical word and waste precious reading time.

What if I don't know technical words in IELTS?

Do I need to know a lot of technical vocabulary?


Here is my answer to this.

Many passages will concentrate on special interest areas. It will be necessary to know some terminology of these topics. Topics like animal testing, environment, social issues, genetics, etc are quite common and you need to know few terminology related to these fields. However, in reading, really difficult words will be explained in a glossary at the bottom of the passage and they are the ones needed to answer a question.

If the explanation is not given for a difficult vocabulary, then it can often be guessed from context. Learn this skill of guessing a meaning. Any other technical words are often not important in answering the question and so can be ignored. So, just move on and neglect these words.

Specific topic related technical vocabulary is not necessary in answering the question. Words like “cardiovascular, corona, hydrothermal energy, etc. are technical words and you don’t need to understand those words to answer the questions. If they’re needed then you’ll find explanation of these words in the passage or at the bottom.

Remember, IELTS doesn’t test your technical knowledge; it tests your English skills.

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