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12 more confusing words

In this blog post, you will find 12 most commonly confused words. Many IELTS candidates make mistakes with these words either in terms of spelling or their usage. So, I’m taking this opportunity to show you what mistakes you could make.

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10 important Grammar points

Most common and important grammar points Today, I’m posting this cool infographic from an artist. In this infographic, there are 10 very very important English grammar points. These are also some of the common English grammar mistakes that students often make. So, learn them thoroughly.     Of course, you can learn a great deal from this infographic. Here are some quick notes on these important grammar points. 1. apostrophe: This is used to show the ownership of something. Usually with plurals, you don’t use “s”. With singular nouns, you can use “s”. For example, Sujan’s, My sister’s but not our sisters’s. Here you can use our sisters’ This is …

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Vocabulary: Some confusing words

This blog post explains three basic vocabulary which may be confusing sometimes. Candidates make silly mistakes. So, I always suggest you to make notes of these words in your notebook and review them regularly.

Which word should you use?
teach or learn
borrow or lend
personnel or personal

I hope you will enjoy this post.

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