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IELTS Speaking: an electronic gadget you like

In IELTS, you may be asked a cue card about an object. It might be asked in different variations. You might come across this question in following manners. Describe a present you received from someone. OR Describe an electronic device you can’t live without OR Describe the most useful device you have OR Describe something you bought and found very helpful OR Speak about an electronic gadget you like the most. – What it is. – When and from where did you get it – What do you use it for I have described the above question in my answer but with some modifications, you can adapt this answer for …

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Cue card: Describe a child you know well

Today, I’m writing a post about speaking on a topic of a child. It is one of the trickiest topic as non-native speakers rarely find anything to talk about a child. So, I hope this post will help you learn some of the words and phrases. For your easy understanding, I have marked some key vocabulary with different colour. Describe a child you know well. You should say – Who he/she is; – What his/her personality and hobby is; And explain why you like this child.   Personally, I love children. I think they are pure and naive. My niece Ana is such a girl. She is just 5 years …

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