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Student’s question: Does IELTS assess technical vocabulary?

Do I need to know technical vocabulary for IELTS exam? This is a common question by many students as many of the reading passages come from scientific journal or magazine. So, students often get nervous when they come across these unknown words. They ask whether they need to learn these words or not. They feel annoyed or sometimes they get stuck in finding the meaning of a technical word and waste precious reading time.   Here is my answer to this. Many passages will concentrate on special interest areas. It will be necessary to know some terminology of these topics. Topics like animal testing, environment, social issues, genetics, etc are …

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12 more confusing words

In this blog post, you will find 12 most commonly confused words. Many IELTS candidates make mistakes with these words either in terms of spelling or their usage. So, I’m taking this opportunity to show you what mistakes you could make.

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Vocabulary: How to talk about books?

This blog post explains how you can speak on the topic of books. In this blog post, I simply comment on my habits of reading and by doing so, I teach some useful collocation and phrases that native speakers would use.

Learn and practise them in you daily English conversation.

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IELTS Listening: Great speech by Steve Jobs

This blog post gives a video of Steve Jobs with his memorable speech to students about his life. How he became successful. It’s all about his perspectives of life.

Learn some key vocabulary at the end.

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6 Phrasal verbs using “Bring”

6 Useful Phrasal verbs with “Bring” I think infographics are one of the best ways to learn English language. Today, I’m posting a wonderful infographic from GrammarNet. In this post, I’m giving you 6 very useful phrasal verbs that you may use in everyday English conversation. Remember, you need to use idiomatic expressions in IELTS speaking and no doubt phrasal verbs are very much idiomatic because of their totally different meaning when used with a preposition. So, learn and practise them in your daily conversation. [Infographic provided by Grammar.net] So, here are six common phrasal verbs with bring. bring to: to come to a place with somebody/something Johny brought her …

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