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Vocabulary: Some confusing words

This blog post explains three basic vocabulary which may be confusing sometimes. Candidates make silly mistakes. So, I always suggest you to make notes of these words in your notebook and review them regularly.

Which word should you use?
teach or learn
borrow or lend
personnel or personal

I hope you will enjoy this post.

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IELTS Writing: Lexical Resources

This post explains what is Lexical Resources in terms of IELTS writing and how to achieve maximum score in this criterion. What strategies can be used to score maximum points for lexical resources? Read and understand the real IELTS criteria to prepare well.

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Improve listening with Youtube

This blog post is basically a listening exercise but here I’m not giving you any question sheet. Actually, I want you to learn few new words with these listening and I want you to identify some important words. So, listen to video and read the transcript at the same time.

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Making Complaints in Spoken English

This post explains some of the vocabulary related to making a complaint in real English conversation. I thought about adding this section for fun and I would surely recommend real English learners to come and visit this section quite often.

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Difference between American and British spellings

This post explains some of the differences between American English spellings and British English spellings. Students sometimes get confused about which spelling is correct and which is not if they do not know that there are two spellings for certain English words. This post helps them understand some of the common differences.

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