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How to choose best dictionary?

In this article, I am posting some of the features of a good dictionary. Why you should still go back to the old traditional way to build your vocabulary. What are the points you should consider while choosing your dictionary.

To know more about it, please read this post.

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Vocabulary: How to talk about books?

This blog post explains how you can speak on the topic of books. In this blog post, I simply comment on my habits of reading and by doing so, I teach some useful collocation and phrases that native speakers would use.

Learn and practise them in you daily English conversation.

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6 Phrasal verbs using “Bring”

6 Useful Phrasal verbs with “Bring” I think infographics are one of the best ways to learn English language. Today, I’m posting a wonderful infographic from GrammarNet. In this post, I’m giving you 6 very useful phrasal verbs that you may use in everyday English conversation. Remember, you need to use idiomatic expressions in IELTS speaking and no doubt phrasal verbs are very much idiomatic because of their totally different meaning when used with a preposition. So, learn and practise them in your daily conversation. [Infographic provided by Grammar.net] So, here are six common phrasal verbs with bring. bring to: to come to a place with somebody/something Johny brought her …

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Building Vocabulary: learn words in phrases

This blog post explains how you can learn English words in different group of words and not simply as single separate word. Collocations help you remember the words properly and for a long term.

So, try this technique and learn faster.

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Endings for formal and informal letters

This blog post explains the endings of formal and informal letters. You can simply use them in your letters and create a huge impact with certain stock sentences and phrases. Use them with all your letters.

This post explains clear distinction between formal and informal letter endings with examples.

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