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Listening: Birth of good ideas

This is a short video about how to collect vocabulary but I’m sure that you will find this video helpful and interesting because it is something that everyone wants to get in their career or in their life.

So, enjoy the video and learn some useful phrases.

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Vocabulary of Formality

This blog post explains vocabulary in daily life by giving simple examples and I think this kind of posts are going to be very useful when you’re learning new vocabulary. If you’re new and preparing for any exam, this is the way to learn new words or phrases.

Please share it if you liked it.

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Beginning for Formal and informal letters

This blog post gives few stock sentences that can be helpful if you English level is very low. Personally, I think such kind of sentences are very useful as a preparatory phase and gradually you will start creating you own sentences with such tone and accuracy.

Hope you find this post useful.

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Common Mistakes with articles

This blog post explains few common mistakes that candidates make not just in IELTS but while using English in general.

Read and learn the correct usage of this simple grammar.

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Vocabulary: Some confusing words

This blog post explains three basic vocabulary which may be confusing sometimes. Candidates make silly mistakes. So, I always suggest you to make notes of these words in your notebook and review them regularly.

Which word should you use?
teach or learn
borrow or lend
personnel or personal

I hope you will enjoy this post.

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