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IELTS Speaking: Standard ID Check questions

This blog post explains the general ID check questions which are asked to every candidates. It is important to prepare for these questions as well because answers to these questions create the first impression on the minds of the examiner.

They clearly make the pleasant or comfortable atmosphere for both, the examiner and the candidate.

So, study and practise with these questions.

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Few commonly used prepositions

This blog post explains the grammar of prepositions by the use of infographics. These are just images or pictorial presentations that help you remember a particular topic or theory. In this case, it is about prepositions.

So, enjoy and if you like it, please share.

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Improve listening with Youtube

This blog post is basically a listening exercise but here I’m not giving you any question sheet. Actually, I want you to learn few new words with these listening and I want you to identify some important words. So, listen to video and read the transcript at the same time.

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Making Complaints in Spoken English

This post explains some of the vocabulary related to making a complaint in real English conversation. I thought about adding this section for fun and I would surely recommend real English learners to come and visit this section quite often.

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English Grammar: Articles

This post explains the very basic rules of articles in English. Many students get confused about when to use articles and when not to. So, this post (I hope) would help them with this query.

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