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IELTS Speaking Advice for part 1

This blog post explains how you should start your practice with IELTS speaking part 1. Here, I am posting three very important tips that may be very helpful in not just in part 1 but throughout the speaking test. Try them yourself and share your experience in the comments area.

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IELTS Listening: Different ways of saying numbers

Today, I have written about how numbers are spoken in English. There are many ways of speaking numbers and definitely you should be aware of all of them. Not only for IELTS but because you’re going to move to an English speaking country so it is essential for your routine life.

So, learn and enjoy. Please share if you really liked my post.

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English Grammar: sentence types

This post looks at different types of sentence types. In the exam, it would be better if you could produce variety of sentence types and it is necessary to identify these variety of sentences. So, here is a post that explains different kinds of sentences. Simple, Complex, Compound and Complex-Compound.

Enjoy the post and learn.

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Advice: spellings are important in IELTS

This post emphasizes the importance of spellings. Sometimes, students lose unnecessary points merely because of incorrect spellings in Listening and Reading. A point or two may be vry crucial when you’re right close to your required band score because even a point can change your band score by 0.5. More importantly, you may lose your opportunity for a better career and may have to resist the test. So, this post simply provides you some of the commonly misspelled spellings and common errors in those spellings.

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IELTS Listening tip: Listen to simple podcast

Listening that are not exactly exam-oriented are the best way to improve your listening score. Practise listening to materials that are not really test but those that are real English. This post gives link to elementary podcasts that may be helpful in improving listening skills.

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