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IELTS Writing Tip: Use original answer sheets

Writing Tip: Use official IELTS answer sheets When you’re preparing for writing, it is absolutely must that you prepare well with proper word count to fulfill the basic requirement. You should be able to count the number of words in your answer sheet to ensure that you have written enough in the answer sheet. Why should you use answer sheets? In IELTS exam, time is your enemy and you should try to save as much time as you can. In writing, probably you can save few minutes that you would probably use counting the number of words. This is simply straight forward because here you practise in a real answer …

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Do we get less bands if the examiner stops us while speaking in part 2?

This post simply answers general question whether it is mandatory to speak for two minutes in part 2. What if the examiner stops you before two minutes are over.

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IELTS Introduction video

This is an IELTS exam introductory video. I have collected this video from British Council website and it generally gives an overview of the IELTS examination.

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How is IELTS scored?

Learn how reading and listening band scores are assigned based on correct answers. Calculate your band score by looking at this table for band score calculator for Listening and reading sections.

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IELTS Exam Review quiz

This is IELTS review test to see your understanding of the previous posts. It is just a basic quiz to make you familiar with the test information.

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