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Recent IELTS questions – 27 February 2016

Recent IELTS Questions in February 2016   Here are some of the recent IELTS questions I have found from few of my followers. Speaking Exam: IELTS Speaking in Azerbaijan Part 1 Where do you live? Tell me something about your room. Is it small or large? What equipment do you have in there? Do you have any park in your city? Part 2 . Describe a family not your own that you like – whose family this is – Where they live – Who are the family members – Explain why you like this family Part 3 In a typical Indian family who plays the leading role? In India, what …

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Recent IELTS Questions on 29 January 2015

Recent IELTS questions in January 2015 In this blog post, I’m sharing recent IELTS questions asked in January 2015. These are the questions asked on 29 January 2015 all over the world. IELTS in Australia Thank you very much Cynthia for sharing your questions. She took her IELTS test on 29 January in Sydney, Australia and here is what she has to say about her experience. Writing Task 1 Questions The writing task 1 was a diagram about the stages of producing canned fruits (pears), it involved hand picking, to factory, weighting/grading, cold storage, peeling, cutting, add juice/syrup, sealing, cooking/sterilising, cooling, packaging and delivery to the supermarket. It was a …

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