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6 Idioms related to “Books”

This is a post about one of my new infographics. In this blog post, I explain 6 useful idioms related to books. These can be used in daily conversation as well as in exam situations. If you really want to make an impression, you need to be familiar with them and start using them in your daily English conversations.

Have fun with English. Enjoy…!

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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Music topic

Today, I’m posting few part 1 questions and I’m also giving my answers to these questions. Your answers can be different than mine. It’s OK. Give your answers in the comments area.   Speaking Part 1 questions related to music Do you like listening to music? Yes, I do. In fact, it’s my favourite hobby. Music is an important part of my life and I get so much from it. How often do you listen to music? Hmmm… Almost everyday….When I go to my workplace/university each morning, I listen to music. I just plug in my ipod and tune in to my favourite collection of tracks. What kind of music …

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Cue card: Describe a child you know well

Today, I’m writing a post about speaking on a topic of a child. It is one of the trickiest topic as non-native speakers rarely find anything to talk about a child. So, I hope this post will help you learn some of the words and phrases. For your easy understanding, I have marked some key vocabulary with different colour. Describe a child you know well. You should say – Who he/she is; – What his/her personality and hobby is; And explain why you like this child.   Personally, I love children. I think they are pure and naive. My niece Ana is such a girl. She is just 5 years …

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IELTS Speaking: Standard ID Check questions

This blog post explains the general ID check questions which are asked to every candidates. It is important to prepare for these questions as well because answers to these questions create the first impression on the minds of the examiner.

They clearly make the pleasant or comfortable atmosphere for both, the examiner and the candidate.

So, study and practise with these questions.

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IELTS speaking test structure

In this post, I am writing about how IELTS speaking test is conducted in real examination. How the real IELTS exam is taken by the examiner. It may be useful for students as well as for IELTS trainers who never had any past experience of teaching IELTS examinations.

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