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Student’s question: Does IELTS assess technical vocabulary?

Do I need to know technical vocabulary for IELTS exam? This is a common question by many students as many of the reading passages come from scientific journal or magazine. So, students often get nervous when they come across these unknown words. They ask whether they need to learn these words or not. They feel annoyed or sometimes they get stuck in finding the meaning of a technical word and waste precious reading time.   Here is my answer to this. Many passages will concentrate on special interest areas. It will be necessary to know some terminology of these topics. Topics like animal testing, environment, social issues, genetics, etc are …

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Advice: spellings are important in IELTS

This post emphasizes the importance of spellings. Sometimes, students lose unnecessary points merely because of incorrect spellings in Listening and Reading. A point or two may be vry crucial when you’re right close to your required band score because even a point can change your band score by 0.5. More importantly, you may lose your opportunity for a better career and may have to resist the test. So, this post simply provides you some of the commonly misspelled spellings and common errors in those spellings.

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