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Academic Task 1: Bar Chart video

This blog post is about a video that represents a basic idea of how to make comparisons. This may also be helpful as a listening activity.

My principal aim here is to make your mind self-aware so that it can capture the important language itself.

Enjoy this lesson.

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Reading: Learn the Sentence structures

This blog post explains different sentence structures you may come across in Academic reading. To better understand few structures, I have also included simple TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN exercise.


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Improve listening with Youtube

This blog post is basically a listening exercise but here I’m not giving you any question sheet. Actually, I want you to learn few new words with these listening and I want you to identify some important words. So, listen to video and read the transcript at the same time.

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Making Complaints in Spoken English

This post explains some of the vocabulary related to making a complaint in real English conversation. I thought about adding this section for fun and I would surely recommend real English learners to come and visit this section quite often.

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English Grammar: Articles

This post explains the very basic rules of articles in English. Many students get confused about when to use articles and when not to. So, this post (I hope) would help them with this query.

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