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Advice: Listen for specific information

Listening advice: How to Listen for Specific information? The first step to better listening is to listen to the specific information. In the first section of the IELTS exams, you may find form-filling exercise which asks for specific information like date, numbers, subjects, etc. When answering these type of exercise, keep these points in mind. The answers always follow the sequence. Pay attention to the speakers, who is information-seeker and who is information provider. Usually, you will find that the conversation is between a man and a woman. This makes it easier for you to follow. Underline the keywords. What information is required in a given question? Listen to the …

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IELTS Listening tip: Listen to simple podcast

Listening that are not exactly exam-oriented are the best way to improve your listening score. Practise listening to materials that are not really test but those that are real English. This post gives link to elementary podcasts that may be helpful in improving listening skills.

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