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Motivational video with some idiomatic expressions

Learn English through this motivational video In this post, I am trying to teach you through this YouTube video. I just love this amazing way to learn a language. You know almost everyone is interested in getting motivated and for that they would just read or listen to any kind of English. Here, I have an excellent video by this amazing YouTube user “Mateusz”. I just love the way he has made this video starting from the great lines from Steve Jobs and then taking it to the next level with some of the movie dialogues with background music.   Watch this motivational video for learning English language     …

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IELTS Listening: Great speech by Steve Jobs

This blog post gives a video of Steve Jobs with his memorable speech to students about his life. How he became successful. It’s all about his perspectives of life.

Learn some key vocabulary at the end.

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How to get success? Fun and Interactive video

This video guides you and gives you valuable advice about how to achieve the success you need in IELTS exam. This video is about success in life, however the same factors apply to the IELTS exam success. Listen to the video for your listening practice.

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