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Motivational video with some idiomatic expressions

Learn English through this motivational video In this post, I am trying to teach you through this YouTube video. I just love this amazing way to learn a language. You know almost everyone is interested in getting motivated and for that they would just read or listen to any kind of English. Here, I have an excellent video by this amazing YouTube user “Mateusz”. I just love the way he has made this video starting from the great lines from Steve Jobs and then taking it to the next level with some of the movie dialogues with background music.   Watch this motivational video for learning English language     …

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Building Vocabulary: learn words in phrases

This blog post explains how you can learn English words in different group of words and not simply as single separate word. Collocations help you remember the words properly and for a long term.

So, try this technique and learn faster.

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Endings for formal and informal letters

This blog post explains the endings of formal and informal letters. You can simply use them in your letters and create a huge impact with certain stock sentences and phrases. Use them with all your letters.

This post explains clear distinction between formal and informal letter endings with examples.

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Listening: Birth of good ideas

This is a short video about how to collect vocabulary but I’m sure that you will find this video helpful and interesting because it is something that everyone wants to get in their career or in their life.

So, enjoy the video and learn some useful phrases.

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Vocabulary of Formality

This blog post explains vocabulary in daily life by giving simple examples and I think this kind of posts are going to be very useful when you’re learning new vocabulary. If you’re new and preparing for any exam, this is the way to learn new words or phrases.

Please share it if you liked it.

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