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British Council official listening test

In this post, I have posted direct links to official british council website with their official question paper. This post is only about listening test.

This is one of the practice tests you will find on this website.

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IELTS Listening: Different ways of saying numbers

Today, I have written about how numbers are spoken in English. There are many ways of speaking numbers and definitely you should be aware of all of them. Not only for IELTS but because you’re going to move to an English speaking country so it is essential for your routine life.

So, learn and enjoy. Please share if you really liked my post.

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Difference between American and British spellings

This post explains some of the differences between American English spellings and British English spellings. Students sometimes get confused about which spelling is correct and which is not if they do not know that there are two spellings for certain English words. This post helps them understand some of the common differences.

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Practice Speaking on your own

Learn to practise your speaking skills on your own. Although this is not really the best method, still you can improve gradually with this method. When there is no one around to talk to, probably this is one of the best alternatives to practise English speaking skills

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How to get success? Fun and Interactive video

This video guides you and gives you valuable advice about how to achieve the success you need in IELTS exam. This video is about success in life, however the same factors apply to the IELTS exam success. Listen to the video for your listening practice.

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