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British Council official listening test

In this post, I have posted direct links to official british council website with their official question paper. This post is only about listening test.

This is one of the practice tests you will find on this website.

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British council Reading tests

This blog post gives you two reading tests. One for Academic module and another for General training module. It’s a very good practice test as it is produced by British council. You can find more about this test from their official website.

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IELTS Speaking: Standard ID Check questions

This blog post explains the general ID check questions which are asked to every candidates. It is important to prepare for these questions as well because answers to these questions create the first impression on the minds of the examiner.

They clearly make the pleasant or comfortable atmosphere for both, the examiner and the candidate.

So, study and practise with these questions.

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IELTS Speaking Advice for part 1

This blog post explains how you should start your practice with IELTS speaking part 1. Here, I am posting three very important tips that may be very helpful in not just in part 1 but throughout the speaking test. Try them yourself and share your experience in the comments area.

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How many times can you take IELTS test?

This post solves one of the very common queries that candidates may have. They are sometimes confused whether they will be allowed to retake the test if they do not achieve their necessary band level.

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