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Fluency and Coherence in Speaking

IELTS Speaking band criteria: Fluency and Coherence In this blog post, I am trying to explain one of the speaking section marking criteria, Fluency and Coherence. In general, these two terms are related and consists of 25% of your overall speaking band score. What is Fluency? Now, the first question to raise in your mind is what is fluency? Many candidates misunderstand fluency with the pace of your speaking. But that’s just misunderstanding. Fluency has nothing to do with the speed at which you can speak. Native English speakers can also speak at slower pace but with proper tone and intonations. It’s the ability to maintain a flow of proper …

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Speaking advice: Use adjectives describing personality

This post explains how you can expand your talk with the help of deeper explanation. Instead of simply listing adjectives, make a habit of expanding and explaining every adjective with a short sentence. Learn this art in this particular blog post.

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Speaking advice: Use fillers

This post gives you some common fillers and explains its importance. This post also explains how to use them in a natural way by giving sample responses to few questions. I strongly advise you to make a list of your own fillers and use them in your daily English conversations. That’s the best way to improve and use them automatically.

Read this post to know more.

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IELTS Speaking: Standard ID Check questions

This blog post explains the general ID check questions which are asked to every candidates. It is important to prepare for these questions as well because answers to these questions create the first impression on the minds of the examiner.

They clearly make the pleasant or comfortable atmosphere for both, the examiner and the candidate.

So, study and practise with these questions.

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Making Complaints in Spoken English

This post explains some of the vocabulary related to making a complaint in real English conversation. I thought about adding this section for fun and I would surely recommend real English learners to come and visit this section quite often.

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