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IELTS Speaking Advice for part 1

This blog post explains how you should start your practice with IELTS speaking part 1. Here, I am posting three very important tips that may be very helpful in not just in part 1 but throughout the speaking test. Try them yourself and share your experience in the comments area.

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IELTS speaking test structure

In this post, I am writing about how IELTS speaking test is conducted in real examination. How the real IELTS exam is taken by the examiner. It may be useful for students as well as for IELTS trainers who never had any past experience of teaching IELTS examinations.

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Practice Speaking on your own

Learn to practise your speaking skills on your own. Although this is not really the best method, still you can improve gradually with this method. When there is no one around to talk to, probably this is one of the best alternatives to practise English speaking skills

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