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IELTS Reading: Speed reading sites

This post provides links to two websites to help you increase your reading speed. In IELTS examination, reading test is difficult for candidates primarily due to its length and content. Hopefully, these sites would help you.

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Are handwriting important in IELTS?

This blog post answers the general query of the candidates. What if my handwriting is terrible? My simple answer to these candidates is that start writing now and try to improve your handwriting.

Even though IELTS does not mark handwriting directly, you will lose marks indirectly for improper handwriting.

So, start improving today!

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Increase Reading Speed: Learn words in chunks

This blog post advises you on the first step of improving your reading speed. This post emphasises learning words in chunks and reading everything in chunks. You can gradually build up your vocabulary by reading interesting and easy books or novels. Guess for the words you do not know.

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IELTS Writing: Task Response

This post explains the requirements of Task Response. What do you mean by Task Response and how you can achieve higher points for task response. It also points to some of the common mistakes by students in general.

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IELTS Listening: Different ways of saying numbers

Today, I have written about how numbers are spoken in English. There are many ways of speaking numbers and definitely you should be aware of all of them. Not only for IELTS but because you’re going to move to an English speaking country so it is essential for your routine life.

So, learn and enjoy. Please share if you really liked my post.

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