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IELTS Writing: Lexical Resources

This post explains what is Lexical Resources in terms of IELTS writing and how to achieve maximum score in this criterion. What strategies can be used to score maximum points for lexical resources? Read and understand the real IELTS criteria to prepare well.

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IELTS Writing: Task Response

This post explains the requirements of Task Response. What do you mean by Task Response and how you can achieve higher points for task response. It also points to some of the common mistakes by students in general.

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IELTS Listening: Different ways of saying numbers

Today, I have written about how numbers are spoken in English. There are many ways of speaking numbers and definitely you should be aware of all of them. Not only for IELTS but because you’re going to move to an English speaking country so it is essential for your routine life.

So, learn and enjoy. Please share if you really liked my post.

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IELTS Writing: Grammatical Range and Accuracy

This blog post explains Grammatical Range and accuracy as one of the criteria for IELTS writing assessment. How is Grammatical range and accuracy measured? What can be done to increase the grammatical range and accuracy scores?

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Difference between American and British spellings

This post explains some of the differences between American English spellings and British English spellings. Students sometimes get confused about which spelling is correct and which is not if they do not know that there are two spellings for certain English words. This post helps them understand some of the common differences.

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