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IELTS Listening: Great speech by Steve Jobs

This blog post gives a video of Steve Jobs with his memorable speech to students about his life. How he became successful. It’s all about his perspectives of life.

Learn some key vocabulary at the end.

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Listening: Birth of good ideas

This is a short video about how to collect vocabulary but I’m sure that you will find this video helpful and interesting because it is something that everyone wants to get in their career or in their life.

So, enjoy the video and learn some useful phrases.

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Academic Task 1: Bar Chart video

This blog post is about a video that represents a basic idea of how to make comparisons. This may also be helpful as a listening activity.

My principal aim here is to make your mind self-aware so that it can capture the important language itself.

Enjoy this lesson.

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IELTS Introduction video

This is an IELTS exam introductory video. I have collected this video from British Council website and it generally gives an overview of the IELTS examination.

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