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IELTS Writing: Understand the question

This post explains how you should go about understanding the real task 2 essay question. What you can do when you start preparing to write your essays. Understanding is the first and most important requirement before starting to write a good essay.

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Should we use pen or pencil for IELTS exam?

This post gives simple suggestion about using pen or pencil in the examination. Can we use pencil if we want to? Here I am giving my personal opinion that may be a minor point but can be very helpful.

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IELTS Letter Writing: Tone of the letter

Learn the different styles of letter writing. The writing tone varies depending on the person you’re writing to and certainly it can create a huge impact on the effectiveness of the letter. Learn the greeting words at the beginning and at the end for these three types of letters.

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IELTS Writing Information

This post provides general information of Writing section of the IELTS exam. The variety of questions that can be asked in Writing task are mentioned for General Training module as well as Academic version of the test.

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