Why does examiner record the speaking test?

Why is Speaking test recorded?

Students usually ask that the examiner recorded my test, is it good or bad?

Why do they record speaking test

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Well, examiners record your test because it is their responsibility to keep a backup your speaking performance and therefore they record your test. In case, you want you are not satisfied with your final band score of the test and want your test remarked, then this recording is sent to senior examiner for evaluation. That is one purpose of recording.

Why do examiners record speaking answers?

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Another reason why they record the test is for their evaluation. Both examining bodies regularly conduct a survey of their examiners and if they do not perform in exact pattern, then their licence may be cancelled and they have to go through training once again. It’s basically a test of examiner.

Third reason as per my belief is that they are always evolving. They always try to improve their system of testing and for that they need data and these recordings can provide required data for their understanding and may be useful to perfect their system of evaluation and test taking.

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